Janna Champagne


About Me

Nurse Janna’s focus is a educating patients about holistic approaches to health, and natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals including cannabis therapy, and genetic screening/nutrigenomics. Her specialties include: Autism, Autoimmune Disorders, Inflammatory/Chronic Pain Syndromes,Neurological, Gastrointestinal, and Mental Health conditions. Each client is assessed for considerations of therapeutic options, including weighing risks versus benefits of each option to empower and ensure the client’s ability to make an informed health decision.

Nurse Janna has significant experience treating a variety of other health conditions as well, in both conventional settings and with alternative medicine modalities. Holistic nursing became her passion upon witnessing first-hand the deficient efficacy of many​pharmaceuticals to produce true healing for chronic illness states. In realizing the limitations and potential harm of using pharmaceutical interventions, Nurse Janna extensively researched and found natural tools to promote healing and sustain optimal health.

Another passion-maker occurred when, several years ago, Janna’s teen daughter with Autism suffered a puberty crisis (common to half of kids with Autism). This presented as extreme-level behaviors including: self-injury, aggressive rages, and costly property destruction. As a homeschooling Mom, Janna never considered out-of-home placement, but during this traumatic phase it was nearly enforced. Thankfully cannabis alleviated the need for this major disruption, and spared her daughter the added trauma of being taken away from her home and family. Now the Autism behaviors are well-managed, and cannabis has improved both her quality of life and overall function. During this same period, Janna’s daughter progressed from nonverbal at age 10 to verbal now at age 17, and they are having spontaneous conversations for the first time in her life. Since recovering from crisis, her daughter has also completed 2-3 grades per year in school, and is taking Algebra and Geometry to the surprise of experts who declared her unable to learn a decade ago. Janna attributes nutrigenomics and synergistic natural interventions for her improvement, which has fueled her passion even further for educating and sharing her perspective. There is always hope!

Nurse Janna has worked with thousands of patients, with her combined focus of targeting epigenetic mutations (nutrigenomics) and addressing other causes of chronic illness (Endocannabinoid Deficiency) helps promote balance in the body systems naturally, with a goal of improved body synergy. Nurse Janna has completed the Cannabis Nurse courses at The Medical Cannabis Institute. She is also a founding member of the Cannabis Nurses Network, serving on their speaker’s bureau, through which she teaches at conferences and other events. Janna is an award-winning author, and her daughter’s Cannabis/Autism article was featured on the front page of a nationwide cannabis industry magazine in December 2017.